Diesel Systems

  • Increase your fuel range
  • Turn your 600km-range into a 900km-range.
  • Reduce your open road fuel costs by up to 40%
  • Increase your midrange power and torque.

Around 20% of the fuel in a diesel engine is wasted, as the combustion chamber doesn’t distribute the air and fuel effectively enough to use it all. Approximately 20% of the diesel that enters the combustion chamber doesn’t mix properly with the air, creating ‘lean pockets’ and disappears out the exhaust as hydro carbons.

Adding a small amount of LPG to each charge of diesel/air mixture corrects the lean pockets and allows the previously lost diesel to combust. The result is an increase in efficiency and power, typically seen in an increase in midrange torque, where most of the driving takes place.

Driveability improvement

Diesel LPG systems cause an improvement in driveability and fuel consumption. We manage the delivery of LPG carefully so that the gains are realised in the mid range of the driving cycle.

Managing the extra power

Our Diesel LPG System protects your engine by only allowing the power increase in the mid driving range. When your engine is developing its peak power we do not inject LPG as your engine is already producing the power it is built for. An increase in power here can cause engine wear.

Engine Protection

Our system also has exhaust temperature and water temperature sensors that turn off the LPG system if any rise in temperature is detected. This feature protects your engine.

Diesel/LPG Ratio

Maintaining the correct diesel to LPG ratio is extremely important. We only inject a very small amount of LPG when running on diesel – 15L to every 90L of diesel fuel.

Maintaining this ratio prevents engine damage and improves efficiency. If you carry 90 litres of diesel, we will install a tiny LPG tank to match this ratio. The installation of a small LPG tank is easily achieved with most vehicles.

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