Liquid Injection Systems

Liquid injection systems inject LPG into the inlet manifold next to the petrol injector. By injecting the LPG as a liquid rather than a vapour, these systems give you better fuel efficiency by volume, providing more power from less fuel.

Liquid injection systems offer more power and a higher mid-range torque than regular petrol, and fuel consumption is improved even when compared to traditional and sequential vapour injection systems. The increased power is perfectly suited to four wheel driving and towing.

At Frankston Gas Conversions and Automotive Services, we supply and fit JTG ICON liquid injection systems. These systems use system-specific gas cylinders incorporating an internal roller cell high-pressure fuel pump, boosting gas delivery above cylinder pressure and ensures a constant flow of consistent, pressurised LPG to the fuel rail.

These systems differ from sequential vapour injection systems in that they don’t have an electronic control unit (ECU) tuning a generically-sized injector. The fuel volume is instead maintained by flow-rating the LPG injector to the flow rate of the original petrol injectors. Switching between petrol and LPG is easy – the petrol injector signal is simply redirected to the LPG directors.

Why choose liquid injection over vapour injection?

  • Liquid injection LPG systems deliver a superior drive to that of vapour injector systems. The benefits include:
  • Improved engine efficiency
  • Improved horsepower and engine torque
  • Extended engine and valve life
  • Lower combustion temperatures
  • Cleaner exhaust emissions
  • Elimination of backfiring
  • Smoother performance
  • Improved LPG fuel economy

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