Traditional Systems

Air valve systems

Air valve systems have been around since the beginning of LPG conversions. Delivering cost-effective solutions to earlier model vehicles, air valve systems mix the LPG with incoming air of the engine at the throttle body.

Through the design of its constant depression theory, air valve systems produce smooth progressive throttle response. The system constantly purges contaminated fuel giving superior converter life.

Converting your vehicle to an air valve LPG systems can save you up to 50% of your fuel costs.

Impco Systems

At Frankston Gas & Automotive, we supply and fit Impco air valve systems. These systems use model-specific aluminium induction tubes, pre-made wiring harnesses, laser cut brackets and integrated fuel gauges. The Impco air valve system offer automatic starting assistance, using petrol to start the car while still switched to LPG mode.

All air valve LPG systems fitted at Frankston Gas & Automotive come with a full 3-year/ 100,000km warranty.

Venturi Systems

Venturi systems have been around since the beginning of LPG conversions, offering a cost-effective solution to earlier model vehicles.

Venturi systems are similar to air valve systems in that they also mix the LPG with incoming air from the engine at the throttle body, in technology similar to that of a petrol carburetor. They also vaporise the LPG at the gas regulator.

Converting your vehicle to a Venturi system can reduce your fuel bill by half.

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