Vapour Injection Systems

Vapour injection systems deliver similar drivability to petrol while slashing your fuel bill. The system is designed to inject gas vapour next to the petrol injector, offering no possibility of backfire and keeping your engine running at peak performance with no restriction to air flow.

Vapour injection systems are perfectly suited to late model vehicles and 4WDs.

Selecting the most suitable vapour injection system for your car depends on several factors, including:

  • Factory approval
  • EPA emission certification
  • Engine size
  • Tuning features
  • Physical size (for compact applications)
  • Designated vehicle usage
  • Dual fuel application or conversion

The application of dual fuel systems:

  1. We add an extra bank of injectors. Your vehicle will now have petrol and gas injectors, ensuring that the original engine management and petrol injection system is maintained.
  2. We fit an auxiliary engine bay rated electronic control unit (ECU)  to intercept the original fuel injector signal and alter that signal to include LPG mode.
  3. Inside your vehicle, LPG system operation is displayed on your dash in a small switch-gauge assembly, enabling you to manually switch between fuels, monitor your LPG fuel level, and view which mode your vehicle is in.

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